Spillers Stud & Yearling Cubes 20kg

Spillers Stud Cubes 20kg - Jacks Pet and Country

Spillers Stud & Yearling Cubes 20kg

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Spillers Stud Cubes are suitable for youngstock between 6 and 24 months, pregnant or lactating mares and stallions. Contains ideal sources of protein to support demands during pregnancy and growth. Contains high levels of vitamin E which is proven to support the transfer of passive immunity.

Spillers Stud Cubes contains: Digestible Energy 11.5MJ/kg Oil 4.75% Protein 16% Fibre 10% Starch 17% Vitamin A 15,000iu/kg Vitamin D 2,500iu/kg Vitamin E 300iu/kg Selenium 0.3mg/kg Copper 40mg/kg Zinc 125mg/kg

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