Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal Muesli 15kg

Thunderbrroks Healthy Herbal Muesli 15kg - Jacks Pet and Country

Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal Muesli 15kg

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Thunderbrook Equestrian Healthy Herbal Muesli is a high fibre forage based feed suitable as a carrier for Thunderbrook Base Mix, Daily Essentials or other Thunderbrook supplements. Also suitable as a forage based feed and partial hay replacer.

Over 50 varieties of alpine grasses and herbs grown to a mature stage for high fibre levels.


Dried alpine grasses and herbage, black oil sunflower seeds, cold pressed linseed oil, toasted linseed shreds, carrot, apple, parsnip, beetroot, cornflower petals, calendula petals, rosehips, fennel seed, nettle, elderflower blossom, marshmallow root, aniseed & coltsfoot extract.

Nutritional Info

Crude protein 14%, Crude Fibre 21%, Crude Oil & Fats

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