Silvermoor Treatsies Turmeric Flavour Horse Treats 1kg


Silvermoor Treatsies 

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory power house as well as having anti-oxidant properties. Horses and ponies suffering stiffness and problem joints may benefit from having more of this powerful herb in their diet. It has also been attributed to improvements in horses’ coats and skin.

Oat Feed, Grass,
Turmeric (4%),
Mixed Herbs,
Salt, Soya Oil,
Wheat Feed.

Crude Protein – 8.00%
Crude Oils and Fat – 3.50%
Crude Fibres – 22.40%
Sodium – 0.25%
Starch – 8.5%
Sugar – 4%
Crude Ash – 7.70%
Copper – 6.00mg/kg

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