Silvermoor Peckers Lovely Lucern Grass Ball Treat

Silvermoor Peckers Lovely Lucern Grass Ball Treat - Jacks Pet and Country

Silvermoor Peckers Lovely Lucern Grass Ball Treat

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Silvermoor Peckers Lovely Lucerne Grass Ball Treat.

If you’re looking for the latest healthy enrichment tool for your flock check out Silvermoor Peckers, a unique hanging alfalfa block enriched with delicious and beneficial Herban Oreganum Essential Oil. These clever 1kg blocks are designed to be hung inside, at head height to encourage natural pecking activity to keep birds happy and healthy.

Designed to enrich birds’ environments and enhance bird welfare Silvermoor Peckers are 100% natural and an ideal addition to the diet. By encouraging natural pecking activity they can be used to relieve stress, promote wellness and decrease the risk of injurious pecking.

Made up of alfalfa Silvermoor Peckers provide an additional source of insoluble fibre to the diet to support gut health in birds. Alfalfa is also a natural source of xanthophylls, the pigments that give the golden colour to egg yokes and chicken skin.

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