Saracen Equi-Jewel Pellets 20kg


Saracen Equi-Jewel Pellets is a high fat, stabilised, rice bran supplement designed to increase the calorie intake of horses that need extra condition.

Saracen Equi-Jewel Pellets are a healthy way of adding concentrated calories into a horses diet without excessive cereal intake. These extremely palatable pellets are useful for feeding “poor-doers”, veterans & horses with a limited appetite. This is a low starch feed which helps build condition which helps avoid common behavioural & metabolic issues that arise when feeding high cereal diets.

  • Super fibres control energy release
  • Highly digestible & efficiently utilised
  • Great for preparing horses for the show ring


Stabilized rice bran, Calcium carbonate, Vitamin E, Selenium & E280 Proprionic Acid

Analytical Constituents

Oil 18.0%, Protein 12.5%, Fibre 13.0%, Digestible Energy 18.0 MJ/kg, Calcium 2.25%, Phosphorous 1.5%, Vitamin E 440 IU/kg & Selenium 1.0 mg/kg

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