Loose Ring Flexi Snaffle with Peanut

Loose Ring Flexi Snaffle with Peanut - Jacks Pet and Country

Loose Ring Flexi Snaffle with Peanut

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Loose ring flexi snaffle with peanut

The Loose ring peanut flexi snaffle often useful for horses with low palettes, as the lack of nutcracker action helps them to stay more settled.

The double joint is often favoured by horses generally as the lack of palette pressure makes the bit more comfortable and relieves pressure on the horses bars.

The plastic covering helps to soften the action of he bit, but does increase the width so is not always good for horses with small mouths.

The central rolling peanut centre can help to settle a horse that tends to want to put their tongue over the bit by giving the feeling of freedom.

The Loose ring peanut flexi snaffle is similar to the french link, but the central plastic lozenge gives a slightly more positive action on the tongue than the flat plate of the french link.

Loose Ring Peanut Flexi Snaffle features:
  • Lozenge style bit with a plastic rolling centre lays across the tongue eliminating the nutcracker action
  • Bit covered in polyurethane that cushions the bars
  • Bit strength: fairly mild

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