Keyflow Key Plus 15kg

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Keyflow Key Plus 15kg - Jacks Pet and Country

Keyflow Key Plus 15kg

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Keyflow Key Plus 15kg

Keyflow Key-Plus is a concentrated feed additive for horses and ponies. Key-Plus can be added to any equine diet where increased condition, topline or an extra source of cool calories (energy) is required.

To effectively condition a horse we recommend you feed a safe, highly digestible form of energy that doesn’t affect temperament. Key-Plus achieves this by using the leading feed technology, wet steam extrusion, to greatly increase digestibility and nutrient absorption to over 90% in the small intestine. Combined with the high oil content this makes Key-Plus a highly effective conditioner and cool on-demand calorie source.

Key-Plus contains added organic selenium, vitamin E and has a balanced calcium to phosphorous ratio.


Ingredients: steam extruded stabilized rice bran concentrate, rice bran oil, mineral salts, molasses, heat stable vitamins.

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