Effol Hoof Ointment Green 500ml


Effol Hoof-Ointment is the original hoof ointment from Effol. This special formula ensures healthy hoof growth and also has a disinfecting effect. The combination of laurel and thymol effectively helps to protect against hoof diseases.

  • Ensures healthy hoof growth
  • Helps to protect against hoof diseases
  • Water-repellent and dirt-repellent
  • Daily use guarantees an end to brittle hooves!
  • Vaseline forms a water-repellent and dirt-repellent film which protects the hoof against outside influences. Daily use guarantees an end to brittle hooves!

    For external use - Always start from the coronet when applying Effol Hoof-Ointment. Effol Hoof-Ointment – a valuable product for over 100 years! Available in green, yellow and black.

    Contains: vaseline, laurel oil, thymol

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