Dengie Performance Fibre 20kg

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Dengie Performance Fibre 20kg

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Dengie Performance Fibre for fit, athletic horses which are typically picky and therefore difficult to feed. This is a high energy fibre feed that encourage the fussiest of feeders. The inclusion of grass, alongside nutrient rich alfalfa, provides a natural sweetness that's complemented by a light molasses coating and added spearmint oil to offer a highly palatable, soft and easy to chew, high fibre feed.  Performance Fibre is a straw-free formulation which means it is more digestible and cleaner. Based on alfalfa which is a natural buffer to acidity-great for maintaining gastric health. A great source of quality protein for top line and muscle tone. Alfalfa is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals that are easy for the horse to absorb. Naturally low in starch and contains just 10% sugar, which is comparable to grass hay. The high level of oil provides slow release energy and helps to create exceptional coat shine.

Ingredients: High temperature dried grass, high temperature dried alfalfa, rape seed oil, molasses and sprearmint oil

Nutritional Information: Protein 12%, Starch 1.5%, Sugar 12%, Digestible Energy 12MJ/kg, Oil 10%, Fibre 25%

Feeding Rate
Add 0.5-1 scoop per feed when feeding alongside mixes and cubes. Feed up to 3kgs per day when using a supplement or balancer. The amount required will be determined by body condition score i.e. feed underweight horses and ponies higher levels regardless of their size. Fibre feeds can be fed in large quantities without compromising gastric health.

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