Dengie Leisure Balancer 15kg

Dengie Leisure Balancer 15kg - Jacks Pet and Country

Dengie Leisure Balancer 15kg

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Dengie Leisure Balancer is low in energy, sugar & starch compared to traditional mixes & cubes making it suitable for good doers or those that simply do not need the energy! If you are feeding less than the recommended amount of a certain feed your horses diet will need to be supplemented, Hi-Fi balancer fixes this problem by being exceptionally nutrient dense without being packed with high quantities of energy. To be fed alongside any of the Hi-Fi range of Fibre Feeds. Herbs such as rosemary & thyme improve the palatability whilst giving the horses antioxidants which are great for mobilising fat & utilising it as an energy source.

Chelated minerals for improved absorption
Linseed for exceptional coat shine
Molasses free

Analytical Constituents
Digestible Energy 9 MJ/kg, Protein 10%, Oil 5%, Ash (mineral) 12.5%, Fibre 18%, Starch 10%, Copper 125 mg/kg, Selenium 1.5 mg/kg & Vitamin E 500IU/kg

Alfalfa, oatfeed, linseed, vitamins & minerals, wheat, rosemary & thyme

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